Study rules for Nea wedding planner school

When you enroll for a course with Nea wedding planner school, you enter in to an agreement. Under this agreement come clear agreements. These agreements are listed below. In addition, we adhere to the terms and conditions. So you know exactly where you stand, if you choose a course with Nea wedding planner school.


You can register at any time using the registration form, sign & send to Nea wedding planner school. Boslandweg 28 3911 VE Rhenen.

2. Admission Procedure

- Mail a motivation letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Participation in the program possibly an intake interview
- After an initial interview, you will hear immediately if you can take part in the training.

3. Enrolment

Upon receipt of admission notice, make the prescribed amount over to IBAN in the name of, Nea wedding events, Rhenen. Upon receipt of this, it is definite that you're officially accepted.

4. You may temporarily suspend your studies

In consultation with your tutor you can temporarily suspend the study.
Temporary interruption, does not imply deferral of payment along with it. The total fees payable will not change. (See terms and conditions)

5. You may terminate your study early

You can terminate your training early at any time, by notifying us in writing, by registered letter sent to: Nea Wedding Planner School 3911 VE Rhenen. When you have signed an agreement, you will not get your money back. (See Terms and Conditions)

6. Study material

After payment of the fee, you get the study material during the 1st lesson.
The study materials are not transferable. The author, and property rights are owned by Nea wedding planner school.

7. Examination, certificate and diploma

The student first having surrendered all homework assignments, next having done a work placement, & then complete the wedding exam, at an average grade of 6 or higher. When you have completed those three parts, with high enough scores, you will receive your diploma. With the weekend training in English, you will only receive a certificate. If you want to have a diploma, you will need to do the professional training.

8. Exam guarantees, and re-examination

Nea wedding planner school assists you, for as long as necessary, until you pass the exam, provided that all homework assignments are sent for correction. If you must take a re-examination, you will have to pay an amount of EUR ......

9. Handling of complaints

Nea wedding planner school is fully committed to making a success of your studies. Should anything nevertheless go wrong, & you have a complaint, please notify us, in writing, by post, to: Boslandweg 28 3911 VE Rhenen, by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or tel: 0317-358407. We make every effort to reach a solution as soon as possible.

10. Liability

Nea wedding planner school is not liable for any errors in the study material.
Furthermore, Nea wedding planner school cannot be held responsible for the use of the curriculum, by course participants, or any other person.

11. Personal Data Protection Act

We will put personal information in our records, and not make it available to third parties. (See privacy and disclaimer)