About us

Nanda Willemstein

Nanda has worked for more than eight years as a professional wedding planner, and has arranged wonderful weddings at home and abroad during this  period. She knows better than anyone the tricks of the trade and will be your personal mentor during training. 

“Planning a wedding means exchanging laughs as well as tears with the couple. Sharing joy and sorrow, especially with their thoughts, because there is always an opportunity to help them realize their dreams & wishes. Your job as a wedding planner is to bring the personal and professional touch, ensuring the loveliest day for the couple “

Lilis Willemstein

Event organizing is Lilis’ passion in life, like running a successful business. She knows exactly what is needed to make an event a success and as an entrepreneur is the person to go to.

“As an entrepreneur, you need a clear plan of action. You’re distinguishing, but how do you bring that out? You set goals, and determine what is needed, step by step, to realise those goals. Find and contact potential customers, learn & apply marketing skills, and create a business plan for your company. I provide students with the necessary insight for the structure, organization & commercial aspects of the wedding event. “