Basic marketing

What exactly is marketing? That you can learn with us. Marketing is broad, but as an entrepreneur you need it.

We teach you how to use marketing on social media.

“The power of social media”

As a wedding planner or other entrepreneur, it is very important to apply social media strategy. How are you visible? What can you do? Which resources are free and which are not.

Some say, “Not for me and too much trouble.”

What a pity, social media is an indispensable tool for an independent entrepreneur. Social media marketing is always on the move, is largely free and you can achieve a lot with it. Remember that customers or potential customers are embracing social media. But yes, how do you use them correctly, so that you can increase your network and your turnover. Which channels are best for you to work on? So that you can properly sell your service or product via Instagram, Facebook and / or other social media channels.

We teach you to use social media effectively.

We will scan your company profile and together with other entrepreneurs we will work with various tools to take your company to the next level and to optimise your marketing and visibility.

The following topics are covered:

• Which means of communication are suitable for you.
• Theory of basic marketing.
• Practical applications on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google etc.
• Increase your sales and find customers.
• Apply branding.
• Time management in marketing and social media.

Date: 9th juni 2022, 16th juni 2022
Location: Rhenen
Time: 9.30am to 13.00pm
Regular Price: € 95.00 p.p. including tea and coffee with something tasty and a book