Masterclass for wedding planners

Being successful as a wedding planner is a lot of work, you have the expertise. As a professional wedding planner, you have organised and coordinated beautiful weddings.

It is important to continue to develop as a professional within your line of work.


The world of the entrepreneur is constantly changing, and also is selling your services.

In order to move successfully in the market, your services must make a difference and distinguish yourself.

Do you want to know more about how your company will go to the next level? Or do you encounter the following:

Quit or continue with your business? Hang your head or stick it in the sand? Too few customers generated? Is this recognisable in your company?


Then we have a master class that is intended for professionals who already have some experience with the wedding planner profession.


The solution;

Is this course for you to strive for a greater goal

After all, you are the drive of your own company, which is why, together, we take a look where your qualities and core quadrants lie. We take a close look at your company, so you become “The master of professionals” in your field.

So you can shine on all fronts, 100% yourself and much more!


Albert Einstein said, “At the heart of difficulties are opportunities.”


Do you dare to be “The master of professionals”.

Become “the best wedding planner” in the Netherlands or perhaps even in all of Europe ”

We will work with you on the following topics:

Day 1
– Scrutinise your company
– Determine core competencies of your organisation
– Core qualities and core quadrants
– Distinctive power
– Branding & image
– Marketing & Sales

Day 2

-Put Sales Funnel into practice
– Cold and Warm acquisition
– Business management
– Make a financial emergency plan
– Define targets in your social media

The master of professionals

Duration: 3 sessions

HBO level

Study hours: 4 to 5 hours a week after a meeting.

Time: from 9am to 6pm.

Location: Rhenen or Breukelen environment.

Number: max. 6 persons, but according to the RIVM guidelines.

Recognised: this training is accredited by the CRKBO.

This makes the training free of VAT.


Weekdays 2022

Group M1; full

Cost:  € 600,00

Recognised master class training:

Nea wedding planner school is recognised as an educational institution and is registered in the government-appointed CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education).

The masterclass meets the quality standard required by the CRKBO. This makes it exempt from VAT.


Prices include registration fees, book, lunch, diploma.

Do you have a question? Then send us a message.