Private course Professional Wedding Planner

Students are trained one-to-one in the art of Professional Wedding Planner. Together with your personal mentor you will work for a few days to get ready for the profession.

Your mentor handles all theory and will guide you during the graduation phase. She is your source of information who will teach you the tips, tricks and trends.

You meet three time at the Nea Wedding Planner School. There will also be a few occasions of online counselling, depending on what is practical and convenient. Upon completion of this course you are a qualified wedding planner.


Wedding planner training
Duration of training: 1 year
Start of training: continuous
MBO / HBO level

Preparation and study load
Seminars: 2 days of lessons, 16 hours
Homework assignment: 2 to 3 hours per week
Internship wedding: 2 to 3 hours a week
Exam preparation: 2 hours per week
Total study load 3 to 5 hours per week

12 months  € 112.50 =  € 1.250.00
Paying in one go, you get a € 150.00 discount, then you pay € 1,100.00 for the entire training

Price include registration fees, textbook, exam, seminars,
extra guidance, diploma, network meeting.                                                           

As a recognized educational institution, we are registered in the CRKBO.
This register means that we comply with the quality code for training institutions for short vocational education.
Training courses are exempt from VAT.

Prices include; registration fees, textbooks, exam, seminars, diploma.

Your mentor comes to your home only three times for one to one guidance. (only in the Netherlands or if you lived abroad you can have the online course)

If you have a question, Send us a message.