Are you a proprietor just starting out? We organize various seminars, especially for proprietors, who have just started or want to start a sole business. We ensure that the topics below are covered in depth, in which we give you expert tips and insight. You get handouts to apply them in practice. Are you ready, to sign up!

How do you start your business?

Date is February 29th 2020 from 9 am to 12 noon Price € 75.00

  • You will be guided to determine the steps for your company.
  • We go through the business plan and then start working on your business plan.
  • How the process is to register yourself with the authorities
  • What are the rules and regulations for tax

Social Selling

Date is June 13th 2020 9am to 12 noon Price € 95.00

  • What is social selling
  • Determine marketing strategy
  • How do you deal with the social media activities?
  • Practical application on Fb, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

If you combine start-ups and social selling, it costs 145.00 incl. coffee and tea