Entrepreneurship is more than just being registered.
Everyone wants to be successful!
Do you want to take yourself, as a starting wedding planner or other entrepreneur, from the wedding industry to the next level?
Then the new entrepreneurship with the advent of social media is really something for you.
Because social media has made it easier for entrepreneurs to make contacts and develop ideas for your customers.
By taking your first steps online, entrepreneurship has become more accessible. Google, Facebook, Instagram and of course optimising your website are indispensable.
Of course it always remains trial and error, but simply to reach customers and get on your own two feet with small steps, we offer various seminars in the field of entrepreneurship and social media.
You can gain knowledge at our seminars, but you can also refresh and increase your knowledge as a wedding planner or other entrepreneur.

Our experienced trainers are aware of the latest trends, laws and rules and know the practice of the wedding industry.
We give “do-seminars” to keep it fun and it is useful to work together with other wedding planners and other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas.

During these seminars we will work interactively to take your company to the next level.
You will be given space for questions, discussion and the exchange of experiences.

You can follow the following seminars with us to take your company to the next level:

1.Write a starting business plan
2. Basic marketing (The power of social media)
3. Advanced marketing (Website, content, branding)
4. Basic effective Facebook campaign.

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