Training Course- Wedding Planner

Training as a Professional Wedding Planner will bring you substantial expertise to organize the perfect wedding with the skills needed for running your own business. Our students are trained to work as an independent professional wedding planner.

Students of Nea Wedding Planner School learn:

  • To identify and to realize the hopes and dreams of the couple;
  • Which suppliers to choose that match the style and budget of the couple;
  • Take care of the wedding couples to perfection;
  • Describe all the details in the script, so that the wedding day is flawless;
  • To unburden couples, so that they can relax and enjoy the run-up to their wedding;
  • Organize the perfect wedding, and make it the most beautiful day for the couple.

Wedding planner curriculum training

The curriculum consists of two modules that cover the aspects from the organization of “perfect days for couples” and “running a business”. Both modules require good organizational skills and knowledge of finance and marketing.

Book 1:

  • What is planning a wedding
  • What etiquette to apply?
  • Marriage Laws and procedures
  • Create a Business Plan
  • Marketing & Finance

Book 2

  • Organizing and coordinating “the perfect day”
  • Weddings and cultures
  • Themes and styling
  • Budgeting and writing projects
  • Contingency plans

Graduation Phase

After completing the theory, students take a placement where they will apply what they have learned into practice. The students look for a couple that, under the guidance of the tutor, shall accompany them to their wedding, and perform, during their placement, several assignments for graduation .

Training as a professional wedding planner concludes with a theoretical exam of 30 multiple choice questions and 10 open questions about the curriculum of modules 1 and 2.

A student passes when all components have been successfully completed.

Approved training institution

As a recognized educational institution, we are registered in the CRKBO (central register of short vocational education). This register means that we comply with the quality code for training institutions for short vocational education. Training, seminars, workshops are exempt from VAT.