Do you feel at home in the world of wedding styling and event styling? Do you follow the latest trends and are you creative? Do you want to learn more about design, material and decoration use to bring out the experience of your bridal couple or event? Then wedding and event styling is for you.

Wedding styling and event styling are becoming increasingly important for a wedding or an event. Each style has its own theme. It is an art to create a beautiful atmosphere. We give you theoretical and practical knowledge on how to style best.

Within a group of 6 people you will learn to create a beautiful arrangement. The next event and wedding styling will be held in Rhenen. We will work interactively with fun themes and decorations in the classroom. In a group of two you each prepare an assignment in the classroom.

If you are creative and enjoy doing this, you are very welcome on the following dates:

Day 1
Workshop wedding styling and event styling beginners
Are you creative, do you want to be engaged in decoration and theme creation for weddings and events?
In this workshop you will learn to apply the basic knowledge, techniques and different types of wedding styling and event styling.

What will you learn:
– Styling basic knowledge
– Set up different arrangements
– Different themes and cultures
– Different techniques in arranging
– Etiquette of table arrangements
– Practice-oriented arranging

Day 2
Workshop for advanced wedding styling and event styling.
Atmosphere, create an experience that brides and grooms find hip and unique. New trends, themes, colours, materials and design.
In one service for a wedding.

At the advanced workshop we will work on formation, design, new trends, knowledge of materials and their use.
A complete decoration, and wedding styling.

What you will learn:
– Formation 
– Come up with unique designs
– New trends
– Understanding purchase prices
– Materials knowledge
– Use of materials

Workshop for wedding and event styling
Workshop duration: 2 days
Location: Rhenen
Time: 10am to 5.00pm
MBO level

Preparation and study load
Meeting 2 days: 4 hours

Weekdays 2022
Group 1: 
Beginner – Oct 6 – Certificate – full
Advanced – Nov 17 – diploma – full

Group 2:
Beginner – Nov 2 – Certificate – full 
Advanced – Nov 23 – diploma – full

Group 2:
Beginner – March 22 – Certificate – 5 places available
Advanced – April 20- diploma – 5 places available


Regular price: € 185.00 p.p.
including lunch, book, certificate  and use of our materials.
Both courses: € 300.00 incl. Registration fees, textbooks, lunch diploma, use of materials.

We are interested in about you. Register now for the wedding and event styling workshop!