Write a business plan

Starting your own business and being your own boss? Write a business plan yourself?
Don’t know how to start as an upcoming wedding planner or other entrepreneur?
Then it is wise to write a business plan and make it real.

It would be such a shame if your company fails. After all, everyone wants to be a successful entrepreneur.
That is why it is so useful to draw up a business plan with us to gain insight into your investments and finances.
This way we can make an overview of your private and business goals together with you.
We also explain what the advantages and disadvantages can be for you.
We also brainstorm with you and other entrepreneurs on how you can start your company as a business.
This will bring your business and ideas to reality and will map out your feasibility.

Parts that will be discussed:
• The steps for your company.
• Business plan / business plan realisation.
• Get started with your business plan.
• The laws, rules and permits for wedding planners / event planners or other entrepreneurs
• Explore your market and determine your marketing strategy.
• Finance.

Date: 6th May or 13th May
Place: Rhenen
Time: 9am to 1pm
Price: € 195.00 p.p.